I am Michael Dukes, known by friends, coworkers and family as Mike. I have been drawing all my life. I found my love of the Stippling technique when I was a child.

My artwork is done in Stippling, which is a Pen and Ink art medium that produces unique illustrative patterns using black dots. The dots used in Stippling create different variations of shading and tones that create value and contrast. Stippling is a slow process that does not allow for mistakes and can result in beautiful, photorealistic images.

I am passionate about my creative process and I love the challenge of taking a subject and bringing it to life. I have always been fascinated by all the variations, patterns and tones in nature. I try to capture these details in my work.

Featured Work

A Wild Mystical Illusion - Tiger - IN0018
Blue Moon - Wolf - IN0020
In the Shadows - Wolf Ghost - IN0022
Beautiful Spirit - Horse - IN0009
Romping Baby - Zebra - IN0024
The Face on the Floor - Girl - IN0002